The Celtic Dragonfly is a symbol of transformation and realization, but it is also a strong tether to the earth, connecting you to an animal so ancient that it knew the first dinosaurs. Tie that strength to the Celtic traditional knot symbolizing eternity, and you’ll have a piece of jewelry you'll never want to be without.

Materials: Sterling Silver & 10k Gold

Dimensions (circumference x front height):

6 ½ x 1" 

Style: PBX0082

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Europe and United Kingdom

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    Each piece of Keith Jack jewelry you purchase will have a complimentary cleaning cloth in the box under the black pad.

    • To remove oils and dirt, wipe your jewelry with a silver polishing cloth or the Keith Jack polishing cloth that was provided.

    • Never use a silver cleaning liquid on jewelry with any areas that are oxidized (darker in color). The silver cleaning liquid will strip away the finish. Silver liquid cleaners are fine to use for silver jewelry that does not have a darkened, oxidized background. Refer to the manufacturer's instructions before using silver polish.

    • Do not apply perfumes, lotions, aftershave or chemicals while wearing jewelry.

    • Remove your jewelry before sleeping or doing physical activities to avoid causing excess friction and stress on it.

    • To avoid tarnishing and discoloration, remove jewelry before swimming in chlorinated pools or hot tubs.

    • RAW DIAMOND COLLECTION -  Your raw diamond piece is made with natural diamonds; each one is unique.
    • Use the complimentary cleaning cloth provided to lightly polish your jewelry. Do not apply perfumes, lotions, aftershave or chemicals while wearing jewelry. 
    • Never use a silver cleaning solution. Excessive moisture will cause tarnishing behind the diamonds, avoid getting your piece wet.

    Just one look at this Celtic Dragonfly bangle and you’ll instantly fall in love with it! Its beautiful pattern epitomizes eternity. And the gorgeous, intertwined sterling silver and yellow gold designs combine to create a stunning vision. It’s an ode to the classic Celtic symbols that represent love, life, strength, and unity. At the same time, it’s immersed in modernity as it presents the ancient dragonfly motif with a modern spin.

    Dazzle Everyone with this Stunning Creation

    Its brilliance and radiance shine through as one marvels at this magnificent creation.

    Those of you who are looking for more intricate patterns of bangles, check out the Scavaig Bangle or the Tree of Life Bangles, which are two other equally remarkable bangles with outstanding designs. While the Scavaig Bangle is inspired from a wild and epic landscape, the Tree of Life bangle brings to life an ancient symbol with branches beautifully weaving through one another.

    Sport the Dragonfly Bangle and with it, a piece of history around your wrist. It can instantly elevate your appearance. Be warned: you’ll receive a multitude of compliments as it charms people across all age groups! With a universal style it can complement any outfit and add an element of sparkle to any occasion.

    Regardless of the type of event, be it formal or casual, the dragonfly bangle can brighten your evening with its flawless beauty. Celebrate the skilled craftsmanship and ingenious creativity that helped produce this creation. It’s made with sterling silver and 10k yellow gold and is available in two different sizes: medium and large.