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At Keith Jack, our men's Celtic pendants are the perfect representation of Irish, Scottish and Norse culture and heritage. In this collection, you'll find an assortment of pendants for men that can satisfy a variety of style preferences, from rich gold pendants for men to organic bronze and sterling silver options. 

Find Your Perfect Pendant

Every men's pendant is designed with quality craftsmanship and authenticity in mind. To create the most beautiful and durable men's Irish, Scottish and Norse pendants, we craft our jewelry using sterling silver. Many pieces have unique textures and solid gold and bronze accents. Find the piece that matches your style with the meaning that speaks to you:

Style Your Celtic Jewelry Instantly

Each of our Irish, Scottish and Norse pendants for men comes with a sterling silver chain so you can immediately wear it when it makes its way to your doorstep. Every pendant offers a range of chain lengths, so you can find the one that's most comfortable for you. 

The Meaning Behind our Celtic Pendants 

Our men's pendants and other men's Celtic jewelry pieces are inspired by ancient Celtic art and design, which is steeped in symbolism and mythology.

From Celtic knots and Celtic cross pendants for men, to bronze men's pendants representative of Dragons, our necklaces with pendants for men are deeply rooted in the Celtic legend and lore of Scotland and Ireland. Some of our pendants feature animals, such as the horse, eagle, wolf, stag, and lion, all which were important in Celtic mythology. Others feature symbols such as the claddagh or the tree of life, which represent love, friendship, and the cycle of life. 

Browse our selection of Men's Celtic Pendants today.