Celtic Jewelry

Looking for Celtic jewelry? Keith Jack is a Scotsman brought up on majestic tales of the Celts in Scotland. And these stories live on in his handcrafted jewelry described below:

Double Hummingbird Post Earrings

The Celts believed hummingbirds were diligent messengers. In their eternal search for nectar, the hummingbird symbolizes courage and joy since they toil away to gain the sweetness of life.

Click here to view the hummingbird earrings in sterling silver

Guardian Angel Pendant

Not only do the Christians believe in guardian angels. So did the Celts and this pendant will protect you on your journeys.

The Celts believed guardian angels traveled from the spiritual realm into our world in many forms, meaning anything in nature can be a guardian angel overlooking your path.

Click here to view the Guardian Angel pendant in sterling silver and 10k rose gold

Dew Drop Gateway Pendant

The Celts believed the universe was made up of multiple, intertwined realms. And that all living things were connected energetically.

This gateway pendant symbolizes this path towards new, unexpected worlds (and possibilities).

Click here to view the Dew drop gateway pendant in sterling silver and 10k gold

Double-headed dragon pendant

Dragons are infused with energy and the Celts believed they formed ley lines as they flew by. These lines were ideal for bountiful harvests and for building houses and temples.

Click here to view the Double-headed dragon pendant in sterling silver and 10k gold